Thursday, October 21, 2010


My friend, Katie, has season passes to the zoo and invited Cody and I to go with her and her son, Husdon. We had a fun morning! Cody did well seeing the animals if they were moving but had a hard time if they were lying still or up too high. He definately got to practice his walking! "Let's go, Mom...the zoo is that way!" We tried the monkey backpack with the tail for me to hold on to but Cody was still unstable enough walking that it was easier without it. But it made for a cute picture! The Safari area was great. The animals are in an open area and the giraffe's would come right up close enough to touch. Cody and Hudson discussing the giraffe's. Cody loved the penguin exhibit. We got to pet the baby goats. Cody was not shy about chasing them or touching them at all. Cody and Hudson riding a pretend horse. Enjoying the creek and park at the end of our time at the zoo! What a fun outing for our boy that loves animals and being outside!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Playing with Mommy

I love it when Cody will sit still long enough to snuggle, read a book or play sitting in my lap!! He's a busy boy these days so I take what I can get!

Cars, Trucks or anything with wheels

Cody is really into toy cars (or trucks) these days and he drives them all around. We find them parked in all different random places. In fact, one car was missing for 4 days and we found it behind the computer in our office! I love these pictures as Cody decides to use Jason's head as a driveway for his car. It looks like he's explaing to Jason what's about to happen. "Hey, this is fun!"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Boy!

This chair we have in our media room has become "Cody's Chair". He climbs on and off on his own and will sit and watch his cartoons from it. This particular morning he was so content eating his pops and drinking his milk while lounging in his chair. Love the hair!

Cody Favorites

I love that Cody likes to use a blanket and "snuggle". He was teething a lot on this particular day and wasn't feeling great so he actually slowed down a bit and got spoiled by extra videos and cartoons. He really likes these big legos and is really good at stacking them. Daddy likes them too! Kitchen items keep him entertained...the louder they are the better! I left this cucumber too close to the high chair and he found it....and chewed on it. Anything he can climb on top of or get inside is always a fun game! Breakfast...notice the food stacked on the cup. He loves smoothies and every morning the first thing he does is ask me to make a smoothie by going to the cabinet where the blender is kept and saying "ease" and signing "please". Love that sweet smile! Any drink/cup is a big treat! Practicing for Christmas! This plywood is how we block our stairs because we didn't want to mess up our banister. I wrapped it so we/Cody wouldn't get splinters. Guess who figured out how to tear off the paper? Not too much longer and we won't need to block the stairs! I love this profile picture of Cody because we have a sonogram picture that shows his profile very distinctly and so its always fun when we can capture it!

Cody's New Slide

We bought this little slide for our backyard and Cody loves it! Now he goes from his sandbox to his slide and is always asking to go outside. He was so cute watching us put it he knew it was just for him! Playing with the finished product outside!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Spaghetti dinner and mini ice cream cone for dessert = one messy and happy boy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life is Better in the Mountains - 6

We spent a day taking little hikes around a couple different lakes. The weather was beautiful and the view was amazing! We had a great day being outside! I love Cody pointing at something.... Cody could spot a chipmunk and start pointing before any of us would see it.