Monday, May 30, 2011


One weekend while Jason was out of town Sarah Bailey (one of my senior girls) hung out with me and Cody. She took these great pictures of us with the bluebonnets! The sun was bright so getting Cody to look up was hard but I love how they turned out.  He was facinated by the bees!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cody Favorites

Cody enjoying brownie mix! Anytime we are baking or cooking he wants to be right up on the counter watching/helping/licking! We just bought a tall stool for him to stand on so he isn't sitting on the counter anymore. 

Sitting on the front porch after waving bye-bye to daddy!

Cody loves to play in the back of Jason's truck

This little monkey climbed in his sandbox when I ran inside the house for a minute.  He thought he was so funny!

Cody is really into his daddy right now and gets so excited when he comes home from work!


Jennie and Mary and their kids came over one morning to play!  We made mac and cheese and they enjoyed eating outside at Cody's new table from his grandpa and grandma!
David played in the sandbox.

 Ty mowed the grass.

And baby Kylie slept.

We always enjoy hanging with the Balls and Wilborns!  Our kids play well together and we get to visit!

Cody and Joy

We kept Joy on morning and Cody loved having a friend over to play with.  Cody LOVES whenever we have company! They enjoyed a snack....
Played in the sandbox...

And played with toys...