Saturday, January 21, 2012

Traveling to Oregon

We left our house at 4am the day after Christmas to see our family in Oregon. Cody was a trooper being woken up so early and he was excited to ride a bus, a train and an airplane...on top of going to Grandpa and Grandma's house! His new Woody friend traveled with us!
The iPad was great entertainment on the flight! This was the first time he didn't sit in his carseat on a plane ride and got to sit like a "big boy".  He did great and didn't ask to get down too much! He enjoyed snacks and videos!
Our first flight took us to Seattle and then we took a little plane back down to Oregon.  Cody was beyond excited that we were going on a green airplane!
He refuses to look at the camera these days!
Cody is such a good traveler and enjoys all the activity that comes with flying!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

My mom, brother, sister and nephew came and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us.  My mom made a wonderful meal Christmas Eve and Jason made a wonderful meal Christmas Day.  Bubbie enjoyed having all her kids and grandkids under one roof!
Watching videos of santa on the iPad.  Parker is obsessed with santa so it was funny to watch him watch the videos....pure excitement!
"Uncle Clay, will you please play with me?" was the question of the weekend! Both boys love their Uncle!
Christmas morning we all woke up when the boys woke up and started off with stockings! And then while breakfast was cooking we did the big gifts under the tree.  Cody got puzzles, Toy Story themed toys, Mickey Mouse themed toys, cars, musical instruments and lots more! Jason worked really hard to make the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon roll.  He halfed the recipe and they didn't quite turn out like she makes them but they were still really yummy!

Snuggling with Uncle Clay and watching more santa videos on his iphone.
We celebrated Christmas in Oregon the next week, but Grandpa and Grandma had a bike under our tree for Cody.  He loves it! Rumor has it Grandpa bought this when Cody was 6 months old and saved it until he was big enough to ride it! He is just a few inches too short still but by the spring/summer he will be just right!
Although Christmas started off sad this year grieving the loss of a close friend we were still able to enjoy making new memories as a family. One tradition we started this year was to be at our house together on Christmas day. Our home is always open to anyone who wants to come see us on Christmas day and this year we got to enjoy it with our Texas family.  Christmas is so fun through the eyes of a child.  Cody's favorite song this year was "Jingle Bells" and his favorite Christmas movie was "Polar Express"!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Inside a Snow Globe

Before Christmas Jennie and I took the kids to Willowbend Mall for lunch and to say hi to Santa.  There is a "snow globe" set up to go through right before getting to where Santa was sitting.  "Snow" was falling and everything! I think we could have spent the whole day in there as happy as the kids were!
Here is Cody and David rolling around in the "snow".  They had the best time!
David even taught Cody how to make snow angels. 
Playing in the snow globe was fun even if Santa wasn't a big hit and lunch was a bit crazy!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

Cody: 2 years 7 months

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Northpark Trains

We have made it a Christmas tradition to go see the train exhibit at Northpark mall!  This year was especially fun because Cody is really in to trains...he just couldn't get enough! All of the pictures are from behind because he would not take his eyes off the trains, even for a second.