Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving & Christmas in Seymour

We spent Thanksgiving with our relatives in Seymour, Texas! We enjoyed being in the country for a few days. My Uncle Carl and Aunt Cathy hosted about 40 of us at their house for a big Thanksgiving lunch! They own a tractor shop and the highlight of Cody's Thanksgiving was getting to play on tractors with his 2nd cousins.  Lyndon and Carl are 9 and were really sweet to let Cody tag along and play with them.
They thought this tractor wheel was a great place to sit although I couldn't get Cody to sit long enough for a picture.  Parker smiled for me though!
He spent a lot of time playing in this "cage" that was on the back of the tractor!
We did bring his little "bike" and he had fun riding it up and down the hills. He would put his feet up in the front and just go.  The boy has no fear! It's a little steeper than it appears...he's at the bottom of the hill here.
They also had a big mound of gravel that was very entertaining! He would climb to the top and then roll or slide down!
I love this picture of my sister with the horse!
A little drink after so much dirt and play!
At night Carl and Cody snuggled up to watch videos on the iPad.  Cody wanted to be right in Carl's lap...and I think Carl liked it.
The next day we spent time at my grandparent's ranch.  We decided since we were all together to have our Christmas celebration!  Mimi cooked dinner and then the little kides (great-grandchildren) opened gifts. The girls do a gift exchange and we all had fun celebrating the first Christmas of the season. It didn't take Kristin long to get on the 4 wheeler...and give Parker his first ride!
My cousin Lauren is married to a police officer and she is in police training too.  They had the guns out and shooting lessons going on here. 
Clay, Parker, Cody and Jason! We contained the boys in the truck for a bit while they were shooting the guns!  They were just as happy to play with cars in the truck
Cody showing my Pawpaw his cars!
Jason and Pawpaw
Lyndon and Carl made Cody have this smile all night long! He loved playing with them! Too bad we don't live closer because he talks about them non stop and asks to see them all the time.
Uncle Clay and Cody Cody also loved attention he got from Clay. 
This picture is fuzzy and off the phone but I still like it.  Cody and Parker both wanted Uncle Clay to hold them!
Clay and Parker
Cody's first gifts of the season! 
Mimi and two of her great grandsons!  This was the best pic I got of the three of them together.
Cody and Mimi!
Me and my brother and sister!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bubbles that took over Bathtime!

We all got a good laugh one night during bathtime!  Cody was taking a normal bath with the normal amount of bubbles.  We noticed that the tub had filled up more than normal so we decided to turn on the jets for him!  Well, the jets caused the bubbles to multiply! Cody thought it was hilarious!
Cody would hold out his hands full of bubbles and Jason would blow and Cody thought it was the funniest game!  We had bubbles everywhere!
I love it when everyday routine tasks turn in to laughter filled fun!

Enjoying the Country

We had a High School Ministry Barn Dance and took Cody along with us! He loves every minute that he gets to spend with the students! He begs for their attention and they love giving it to him.
We all dressed to fit the theme!
Josh dancing with Cody!
Enjoying the snacks and ready to start learning how to square dance!  They had a "caller" out and he taught us lots of steps! Everyone had so much fun!
My hubby...the Youth Pastor!
My son...the climber!

Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

We have found a pumpkin patch we enjoy going to in Celina!  This year Cody really enjoyed running around, feeding the animals and climbing on pumpkins.
We went on Halloween morning and there were a lot of kids there on field trips.  Cody loved watching them, following them, running around them and playing "catch" with them....even though he wasn't really playing with them, he thought he was and was so happy! This pole was base for a game the kids were playing and he kept running to it like they would and saying "ready or not here I come". The kids just played around him and Jason and I were glad he didn't realize that they weren't really interacting with him.  He thought he was part of the games!
We got 3 cups of food to feed the animals!  Cody thought it was great that they would eat right out of his hand and thought it was funny when they licked him. When we were out of food he would try and feed them rocks because he enjoyed feeding them so much! He didn't understand why the animals would ignore him when he had a rock in his hand. 
We had a fun morning and will definately carry on the tradition of going to this Pumpkin Patch every year!