Friday, December 9, 2011

Big Orange Pumpkin Patch

We have found a pumpkin patch we enjoy going to in Celina!  This year Cody really enjoyed running around, feeding the animals and climbing on pumpkins.
We went on Halloween morning and there were a lot of kids there on field trips.  Cody loved watching them, following them, running around them and playing "catch" with them....even though he wasn't really playing with them, he thought he was and was so happy! This pole was base for a game the kids were playing and he kept running to it like they would and saying "ready or not here I come". The kids just played around him and Jason and I were glad he didn't realize that they weren't really interacting with him.  He thought he was part of the games!
We got 3 cups of food to feed the animals!  Cody thought it was great that they would eat right out of his hand and thought it was funny when they licked him. When we were out of food he would try and feed them rocks because he enjoyed feeding them so much! He didn't understand why the animals would ignore him when he had a rock in his hand. 
We had a fun morning and will definately carry on the tradition of going to this Pumpkin Patch every year!

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  1. Cody is so cute and I really can't believe how grown up he is already! You guys have been BUSY this Fall! ;-)