Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Do I really have to wait until Christmas..."

This is a Christmas present to Cody from Grandpa and Grandma and I laugh everytime I see this picture!

Parker's 1st Birthday in Austin

My sister's baby, Parker, turned one on December 19th!! So, Cody and I went to Austin to celebrate with them. (Jason wasn't able to come due to some already scheduled church obligations). We had a great time watching Cody and Parker play together and really start interacting with each other. They are 7 months (to the day) apart so we are enjoying having cousins so close together. The handsome birthday boy!
Kristin worked really hard to make an adorable duck cake for Parker to eat and had planned on him destroying it. However, Parker wanted nothing to do with the cake and we couldn't convince him that it was ok to eat and play with.
Parker's dad steps in to help show him how tasty it is.
Cody was definately interested but he was even unsure about it. I felt sorry for my sister because she worked so hard and had really thought about how cute the pictures would be with Parker in his little suit and the duck cake in the "water". She did a great job on the cake and we all got a laugh at Parker being scared of it....something we never thought would happen. Cody is definately at the age that getting him to hold still for a picture is impossible these days. Here is our best attempt at a picture of me, Kristin (my sister) and Clay (my brother) with the boys.
Kristin and Parker
Bubbie (my mom) and the birthday boy!
We got them matching Christmas jammies!
My brother with Cody before bed.
Look at Parker's cheeks!
Cody sharing his cars with Parker.
I love watching my sister with her sweet! Parker has some of the cutest "tricks" and sweetest personality. I just love him! I love that he can snap his fingers and dance. It's the cutest thing ever!
On our way out of town we stopped at a grill and ate on the covered patio.
They boys enjoyed playing on the stage where a band plays.
Cody was beyond excited to get to run around the stage.
We had a great time and enjoyed a fun first birthday party!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving in Oregon

We spent Thanksgiving with Jason's parents in Oregon and had a great time. Although it was hard to get very many good pictures with a busy toddler! Too bad I messed this picture up but it's the only one we have of us all together. Sitting on the step watching Grandpa chase Cody. Cody and Grandpa looking for bugs or leaves. Jason and his mom with Cody...this was not an easy photoshoot with Cody wanting down. Grandpa snuggling with Cody. Cody and Grandma but Cody wanted down to chase his new best friend.... This is their dog and Cody's best friend for the week...Kate. Cody chased Kate around and squealed with delight anytime Kate would pay attention to Cody. We had a great week in Oregon and enjoyed snow, cold weather and wonderful family. We were so thankful that Cody did so well on the plane rides.

Outing with Grandpa and Grandma

The day after Thanksgiving we ventured out to the mall and was surprised that it wasn't crowded. Cody got to run off some energy and meet Santa! And ride in trucks... And ride on ducks.... And meet Arthur in a school bus. And we ended the night eating yummy pizza in an old joint and looking at Christmas lights!

Playing with Uncle Bruce!

Uncle Bruce (Cody's Great-Uncle) lives with Randy and Diane (Grandpa and Grandma) so we got to spend the week playing with him as well. Cody loved running around in Uncle Bruce's hat. And working puzzles with him. Uncle Bruce always has fun stories about Jason and his brother and it won't be long until he is able to tell them to Cody!

Cody's Christmas Tree in Oregon

We went to Oregon for Thanksgiving and one thing that Cody's Grandpa and Grandma wanted to do was take him to get a Christmas tree. This was a cold, snowy and fun experience. We went to the Christmas tree lot and enjoyed walking around to find the perfect tree. Cody really liked the tractor that came around to cut the tree down and haul it to our truck. Here is Cody standing in front of his tree. He wasn't too sure of the very cold weather at first but got used to it quickly. He liked to knock the snow off the branches. Looking at the beautifully decorated tree with Grandpa and Grandma!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

18 months!

Cody is 18 months and learning new things daily! He learned to walk at about 15 1/2 months. He started off walking with his arms up like Frankenstein and then they got lower and lower until now he doesn't need them for balance anymore. Lately he's been RUNNING everywhere...even if its from the kitchen to the family room. He also has a happy dance he does with his feet when he's excited. If he's trying to tell us something or ask for something and we finally figure it out he smiles really big and laughs. He has a mouth full of teeth including molars but I am not about to try and count them. He can give high-fives, hugs, kisses and he's learning "fist bumps". He knows where his head, tongue, nose, ears and (sometimes) belly is. He sleeps great! He takes about a 3 hour nap (sometimes we have to wake him after 3 hours) every day and sleeps from 7:30 or 8 at night until anywhere between 6 or 7 in the morning. He wakes up silly! (unless he's teething...ha!) He talks all the time! Although we have a hard time always understanding what he is saying he certainly knows what he's talking about. He'll go on and on and use his hands while he's talking. It's very animated and hilarious. He will look at back and forth to me and Jason as if he's having a conversation. He does have several words and the ones we hear the most are "see that" (as he points) or "that" (when he hear's an airplane or a noise but can't actually see the object), "please" (while signing it), "more" (signed), "eat" (while signing it), "up", "moo", "baa", "think, think, think" (while pointing with his index finger to his head like he's they do on My Friends Tigger and Pooh), "uh-oh", "daddy or dada", "momma (but not as often as dada), "Jesus", "hi", "bye (while waving), "cheese", "pizza" and lately "no" (while shaking his head). He can understand almost anything we ask him and repeat sounds and words that we say. He says bye to everything: water as it's draining from the bathtub, t.v. as it gets turned off, books when we come to the last page, people, toys, etc. He also "blows" kisses and will make the kissing sound ("mouh") and use his hand in a very big dramatic way as he gives kisses. Cody is extremely sweet natured but definately gets his feelings hurt easily. He's sensitive and but also very much a rough and tumble silly boy. He's still a picky eater and we constantly try new things. Now that he's started using "no" more he will say that a lot at meal time and we are working on not always changing what we give him for dinner just because he says no to it. I think it's a texture issue sometimes. He's much easier to take to restaurants lately which has been fun. He loves loves loves cars, buses, trains and trucks...anything with wheels! He spends all day playing with his collection of different types of transportations. When we are diving around town and he sees a truck (UPS trucks or other deliver/service type trucks are his favorite) or busses he says "see that" and kicks his feet in excitement. I love that he watches out the window while we are diving and takes in the world around him. He's learning so much. He also loves to read books, playing with legos (the mega-blocks), learning the animals sounds and throwing balls. He LOVES going to playgrounds/parks and can't get out the car fast enough when we arrive. He's not afraid of heights and would throw himself down the slides if we weren't there to stop him. He can climb up on the couch and is very proud of himself. Anytime there's a box/tub or something to climb on his there and right on top. He runs to the back door when we tell him it's time to go. He also goes to the back door when he hears the garage door open and knows one of us is home. He wears 18 month clothes (some 12 month pants) & a size 5 diaper. He weighs 23 pounds 2 ounces (10% to 25%) 32 inches tall (50%) Head: 19.3 inches (90%) Cody is very extraverted and loves people! He will show-off for a crowd...especially once he's warmed up. He is pretty independant but loves to snuggle! We are really enjoying this stage in life and would love to freeze time!