Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Parker's 1st Birthday in Austin

My sister's baby, Parker, turned one on December 19th!! So, Cody and I went to Austin to celebrate with them. (Jason wasn't able to come due to some already scheduled church obligations). We had a great time watching Cody and Parker play together and really start interacting with each other. They are 7 months (to the day) apart so we are enjoying having cousins so close together. The handsome birthday boy!
Kristin worked really hard to make an adorable duck cake for Parker to eat and had planned on him destroying it. However, Parker wanted nothing to do with the cake and we couldn't convince him that it was ok to eat and play with.
Parker's dad steps in to help show him how tasty it is.
Cody was definately interested but he was even unsure about it. I felt sorry for my sister because she worked so hard and had really thought about how cute the pictures would be with Parker in his little suit and the duck cake in the "water". She did a great job on the cake and we all got a laugh at Parker being scared of it....something we never thought would happen. Cody is definately at the age that getting him to hold still for a picture is impossible these days. Here is our best attempt at a picture of me, Kristin (my sister) and Clay (my brother) with the boys.
Kristin and Parker
Bubbie (my mom) and the birthday boy!
We got them matching Christmas jammies!
My brother with Cody before bed.
Look at Parker's cheeks!
Cody sharing his cars with Parker.
I love watching my sister with her sweet! Parker has some of the cutest "tricks" and sweetest personality. I just love him! I love that he can snap his fingers and dance. It's the cutest thing ever!
On our way out of town we stopped at a grill and ate on the covered patio.
They boys enjoyed playing on the stage where a band plays.
Cody was beyond excited to get to run around the stage.
We had a great time and enjoyed a fun first birthday party!

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  1. How adorable-can't wait to see everyone in two days!!!!!