Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving in Oregon

We spent Thanksgiving with Jason's parents in Oregon and had a great time. Although it was hard to get very many good pictures with a busy toddler! Too bad I messed this picture up but it's the only one we have of us all together. Sitting on the step watching Grandpa chase Cody. Cody and Grandpa looking for bugs or leaves. Jason and his mom with Cody...this was not an easy photoshoot with Cody wanting down. Grandpa snuggling with Cody. Cody and Grandma but Cody wanted down to chase his new best friend.... This is their dog and Cody's best friend for the week...Kate. Cody chased Kate around and squealed with delight anytime Kate would pay attention to Cody. We had a great week in Oregon and enjoyed snow, cold weather and wonderful family. We were so thankful that Cody did so well on the plane rides.

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