Friday, May 29, 2009

Introducing.... (finally)

Cody Elias-Vernon Stevenson May 19, 2009 @ 1:38 am 8 pounds 1 ounce 20 inches long (the meaning behind his name as typed up for his baby album) The name Cody came primarily from your dad’s love for the state of Wyoming, and specifically for the National Parks of Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Since meeting your dad, your mom has fallen in love with Wyoming and the parks as well. We travelled there for our Honeymoon in February of 2005 and it will be a place we will continue to visit over the years. Cody is a small town that guards the eastern entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Elias is the Latin language transliteration of the Greek language form of the name Elijah. This name has two significant meanings. First, the prophet Elijah in the Bible is one of your dad’s personal favorites. The story of his stand on Mount Carmel against the Baal prophets depicts the character that we pray already everyday for you. Secondly, your dad wanted to name his son(s) after mountains because of his great love for snowy-capped peaks and the strength and majesty they engender, reminding us of God’s great power, handiwork, and glory. Mount Saint Elias is the second highest mountain in the United States, located on the Alaska-US and Yukon-Canada border, overlooking the Hubbard Glacier. Mount Saint Elias dominates the skyline as it rises from sea-level to 18,009 feet. Although many miles from the ocean, it seems to rise from it, making it a very striking mountain to see. Vernon is a family name from the Ward family, whom we are a part of through your Grandmother Diane’s marriage to your Grandfather Randy Vernon Ward in 1988. As far as your dad knows, Vernon has been a name passed down through the men of that family at least since your great-great grandfather. We wanted to continue the tradition to honor both your grandfather, and your great-grandfather, Clyde Vernon Ward. Your great grandfather was and remains one of the godliest men your dad has ever met, and his life made a great impression on him and his walk with Christ. These are all pictures from the hospital!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A great weekend!

We are still waiting on the baby to make his appearance! However, life is good and the waiting has been much easier than I thought it would be. I am feeling great...have a few of the normal aches and pains of being this pregnant but overall I'm not miserable waiting. I think it helps that I am on maternity leave and know I have no responsibility or schedule from now until my labor starts. And...he's only 4 days late and I'm choosing to not be induced (yet) so it's my choice to be "still pregnant". So in the meantime, I was excited that Jason and I got another Saturday to be "just us" and really enjoyed our day together yesterday.
Oh and on a totally random note we have a new favorite ice cream! I am not even much of a sweet tooth but we could eat this every night if we let ourselves.

I was excited that I woke up with a lot of energy for church this morning! It was a great great service! It was senior Sunday so Jason had a little role at the beginning of church introducing our senior class. But, the best part was getting to hear Mark Young preach! He gave a wonderful message. Mark and Priscilla are very special friends to Jason and I and they are moving to Denver in July. So, this was Marks last time to preach at our church, which made it even more special to be there. I was determined not to miss today!

The Senior Class of 2009 (at least the ones that wanted to be recognized in "big" church!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

40 weeks, 1 day and Waiting

Well, yesterday was the baby's due date and we still have no baby! :) We are going to wait it out and see if he decides to come on his own. No plans for inducing right now! We had a sonogram yesterday and he's measuring in the 45% percentile and everything is still looking good so we figure we'd let him decide when he's ready to "come out and play". Here's my 40 weeks pic. I'm in desperate need of a haircut and highlight but am going to wait until the baby comes and then treat myself! I have had an easy pregnancy with little aches and pains. However, the 3rd trimester my main pregnancy "symptom" has been being swollen...especially in my hands, feet and face. My blood pressure has been great so there hasn't been any concern...its just really annoying! Here are pics of my feet. I will be so glad to get rid of the water retention and look like myself again. In the meantime, I am officially on maternity leave and everything about our house is ready for the baby! Here are some pictures of the "new" things we have waiting to be used!
I am going to wait until the bedding and curtains are complete to show pictures of the baby's room. Ellaine is almost finished! I can't wait to see them! She's also made a bumper and sheets for the cradle we are using compliments of the Youngs! Pictures of that to follow too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joy Kathryn is here!

I've mentioned several times about how my friend Mary and I were pregnant at the same time. My due date is May 14th and her was May 19th so we have gone through each step of our pregnancies together. It's been so fun! This is her 3rd baby and my first so she has been a huge help in answering some of my questions along the way! What a fun thing to experience with a best friend....something that would be hard to plan! When Mary was about 20 weeks pregnant she found out that she was having a girl and that her baby had tumors growing on one of her lungs. Since then she has gone through many doctors appointments and scares as they kept a close eye on the baby's development. There were scary times thinking the tumor was growing and then there were times that baby Joy was growing but the tumor wasn't. Many ups and downs. Mary had a scheduled C-section yesterday all prepared with specialists and surgeons lined up. Two days before her C-section they did one more sonogram and it showed that the tumor was completely gone! We have all been praying for months and the Lord healed her! So, yesterday Mary gave birth to a very healthy 8 pound 11 ounce baby girl! We went to meet her last night and it was so fun getting to meet this sweet baby we have been praying for and have grown to love! I can't wait for "Bun" to meet his new friend!

Congratulations Sean and Mary! You're now a family of 5 (but we've been married longer...hee hee)! We love you guys!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

10 days left!

So, unless the baby decides to make an early appearance we have 10 days left! He is officially due May 14th! I can hardly believe that it's come so quickly! I have had a really easy pregnany. However, the last several weeks I have definately become more uncomfortable. I have swollen feet and legs, developed carpal tunnel symdrome, restless leg syndrome and sleepless nights. But other than that I truly can't complain. I have no stretch marks! I have had to slow life down a lot, sit with my feet up, take naps when I am exhausted and enjoy being pampered and served by my husband. I am completely wasted after an 8 hour work day, but will continue to work up until he comes.