Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joy Kathryn is here!

I've mentioned several times about how my friend Mary and I were pregnant at the same time. My due date is May 14th and her was May 19th so we have gone through each step of our pregnancies together. It's been so fun! This is her 3rd baby and my first so she has been a huge help in answering some of my questions along the way! What a fun thing to experience with a best friend....something that would be hard to plan! When Mary was about 20 weeks pregnant she found out that she was having a girl and that her baby had tumors growing on one of her lungs. Since then she has gone through many doctors appointments and scares as they kept a close eye on the baby's development. There were scary times thinking the tumor was growing and then there were times that baby Joy was growing but the tumor wasn't. Many ups and downs. Mary had a scheduled C-section yesterday all prepared with specialists and surgeons lined up. Two days before her C-section they did one more sonogram and it showed that the tumor was completely gone! We have all been praying for months and the Lord healed her! So, yesterday Mary gave birth to a very healthy 8 pound 11 ounce baby girl! We went to meet her last night and it was so fun getting to meet this sweet baby we have been praying for and have grown to love! I can't wait for "Bun" to meet his new friend!

Congratulations Sean and Mary! You're now a family of 5 (but we've been married longer...hee hee)! We love you guys!!


  1. Thanks Carley! You are so so close... I know waiting on things to happen can easily make a person crazy. Are you doing okay?

  2. Oh I hadn't read this!! Thanks for the sweet tribute!! We love you so much and are waiting for the call...