Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween Fun!

 Cody really wanted a spooky pumpkin to light on Halloween so he and Jason worked together on this one.
Cody and his friends from church all dress as Ninja Turtles and I couldn't resist this cute strawberry costume for Karis!

We enjoyed the Fall Festival at our church and Cody had lots of fun with his ninja turtle friends!

 Wonder Women!
 It's a tradition to take a group picture of the boys in the photo booth! 
I didn't take pictures of actually trick or treating but we continued our tradition of having our friends, the Balls, over for pizza and trick or treating.  Cody wasn't interested in trick or treating after a few houses (he could care less about the candy) but Karis picked up really fast on walking up to the door and getting a treat! It was really cute. We had fun enjoying the October activities with our friends!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yesterland Farm

  We headed to Canton to spend the afternoon with 3 other families at Yesterland Farm! It was so much fun! These boys are so sweet and we are thankful for the friendship these families bring! Cody adores these boys!
The babies had fun too!
   They had an adventure getting stuck on the roller coaster. Jason and Cody are in the last car leaning back....just a little push and it was working again.

 If there's music...there dancing
Cody and his buddy Hudson! Such special friends!
 Sweet girl loved the pumpkins! 
 Karis is the only girl with this crazy group of boys but she doesn't mind!  

Cody's 1st Field Trip

 Cody got to go on his first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. He was so excited to ride on the school bus and had a blast with his friends. I stopped by to hang out with them for a couple hours and enjoyed watching him with his school friends!

Two of his favorite school buddies!

 He LOVED feeding the animals! He could have spent the whole time with them. He evenly poured the food in his hands and did his best to make sure each animal got some.
He worked hard to find the perfect pumpkin!