Saturday, February 19, 2011

6 Years!

Six years of being married to my best friend and now raising our wonderful son together! What a blessing the Lord has given me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shaving Daddy's Head

Cody is in the phase of wanting to do what we do and "helping". He'll wipe down his own highchair tray, hands or mouth, want what we are eating or drinking, put his toys in the basket, bring us "trash" or other things that are out of place, "help" fold the laundry and often just want to be where we are. I shave Jason's head every Saturday and it seems most of the time Cody is either asleep or in the bathtub while I do this. This particular Saturday he was just playing with his toys while watching me and getting impatient with what I was doing. I was thinking he just didn't like me doing it or the noise but then it turned out he wanted on the couch to be right where I was to watch. We then let him hold the smaller razor (it's lightweight and safe and not the one I was using) and he immediately put it to Jason's head to shave it. We got a big kick out of this and of course grabbed the camera to remember this funny moment. He is also learning the word "gentle" and I love his face as he's trying to be gentle....I'm sure Jason appreciated it too.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cody's New Friend

Our neighbors across the street happen to have a hole in their fence that made for a fun find on our walk tonight. Cody kept pointing out her eyes, nose and tongue and then wanted to kiss her. When we came back inside he kept saying "dog". He was so excited!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life with Cody = Always Laughing

This is Cody when he discovered how to move the board at the bottom of the stairs and go on is is saying "momma"....he was very proud of himself. He loves to play with my sunglasses. I loved that I captured this picture. I came up the stairs to find this and went back down to get the camera and sneak up on them. I love how Cody is looking up at his daddy.
He likes to balance his cars on the blinds. We often find cars there when we go to close the blinds at night.
We had the students over to watch the super bowl so we moved the tv's around. This is how Cody watched the game!
He's learned how to climb the coffee table and is proud of his accomplishment. We keep a blanket on the table because he also likes to climb on the couch. He does well getting up and down but occasionally forgets where the edge is.
Our happy boy!
His car collection and make-shift garage while at this little table is his happy place.
This is is happy face when I told him we were going to see Daddy at church (where he works).
Playing Play Doh with Sarah.
Cody has a silly personality and keeps us laughing all the time! I feel like Jason and I are always telling each other a funny story about what Cody did. We love being silly with him!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Days

We really enjoyed our ice/snow days and took full advantage of being forced to stay home together. We tend to be homebodies naturally but lead busy lives so being able to just rest and be together was like a much needed mini vacation. We didn't leave the house for four days (other than one quick trip Jason made to the church and grocery store). Cody was wonderful, funny, sweet, snuggly and happy all week and I think he liked being all together too. Friday (day 4 of being home) it snowed on top of the ice so we were able to actually go outside and play in it. Cody enjoyed eating the snow while riding around in his wagon and then running through the snow. However, our fun ended when he did a face plant in the snow and was not happy with a red freezing face. Afterwards, we decided to drive to get BBQ for dinner and go to Target. It was fun being out even though the roads were still pretty icy...drivable but slick. Everything melted away by Saturday afternoon (day 5) and we got out to meet our friends, the Hayes, for dinner. It was good to be out of the house for a little bit and spend time with friends. We thank the Lord for rest and family time this week.