Friday, November 15, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

 It's so much fun watching Cody figure things out and make connections with different things.  He wanted to buy a pumpkin and asked Jason to carve it with a spooky face. He had seen jack-o-lanterns and wanted one of his own and figured out how to do it. He is covering his eye because we had told him that it was yucky inside.
Karis was getting sleeping but was very fixed on watching them work on the pumpkin.

He wanted to make his own face on the pumpkin. He also helped me pick out all the seeds and bake them to eat.
I love how she reaches for everything and is always so curious!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Could she get any cuter?

Fall Festival

 Cody has been looking forward to the Fall Festival since last October. He had so much fun last year that he couldn't wait until it was time for the big event this year. Our church puts on a fabulous festival and we have so much fun! Again, my mom kept Karis so she could go to sleep on time and I could walk around with Cody more easily. Jason has to work a station so he isn't able to walk around with us....but we visit him often.
This year Cody went at Hulk Smash! He saw this costume at Costco and decided that is what he would be.
with his buddy Kason
 His friends were also super hero's.
 with his buddy Hudson...also the Hulk
Grayson, Cody, Hudson, Jackson, Braeden and Kason

 with his buddy Grayson
 I think this slide was his favorite thing the whole night. He probably went down it 20 times.
 This photo booth group picture is now a yearly tradition with these guys!
 And the mommy's had fun too...the boys were outside the booth laughing at us.
 We had fun walking around with the Wall, Stringer and Hayes families! Cody already can't wait until next year!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cody's first acting gig

Insight for Living (where I have worked for 12 years) features a video each month and for November they needed to borrow a few kids...and Cody was one of them!  I love it!

A few things from this video shoot...
  • After a few takes he said he wasn't thirsty anymore...but had to pretend he was.
  • He had to pretend the water fountain was too tall and that he couldn't reach.
  • He loved when he got to be silly with the other kids.
  • One of his favorite friends Hudson (the other blond) is in the video too and they had fun being goofy together
  • In between shooting he got to take breaks and play with all the tubs of toys used at the preschool...which featured rescue vehicles. He was a happy boy!
  • He could have cared less about the candy bribes.
  • He loved watching the final video!