Thursday, July 30, 2009

He rolled over!

We have broken "the rules" and have been letting Cody sleep on his tummy for about a month now. He sleeps so well this way and we feel confident that he has a strong enough neck to move around if needed. And he does. He moves all around and ends up in the corner, going sideways or somehow flipped all the way around to where is head is where his feet were when I laid him down. We never know how we'll find him when we go to get him up. Well, this morning it was storming so hard that I could hear the rain through the baby monitor. About 6:00 I went in to check on him and make sure he was sleeping through the storm and much to my surprise he was sleeping on his back!! So sometime after he ate at 3:30 and when I went to check on him he had managed to flip from his tummy to his back! I had a feeling his was going to happen in the next few weeks because he can hold himself up with his arms and look he's doing a push-up. I guess all the tummy time and floor time we do is paying off for our strong boy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is our smiley boy and and why he got that nickname!
And the dimple on his left cheek just adds to the smile!
I get this smile all day long...seriously. He'll be sucking on his paci or drinking his bottle and just smile out from under it. My whole world stops when he is smiling at me and I lock into him and soak it up. He got his shots yesterday and didn't feel good so he would whine and moan a little but then try and muster up this precious smile. It was really sweet. It melts my heart and I can't get enough. Jason gets this smile on cue too! I love how he'll look up and smile at Jason. He definately knows his mommy and daddy and we love it!! I can't wait until we start to get giggles with this smile. Jason had the nickname smiley when he worked at summer camp and Cody has inherited the same nickname....I just can't wait to see if he gets his daddy's laugh too! Everyone that meets him instantly says "its a little Jason". I love that he looks like his handsome daddy! I took this picture today while he was in his crib. I was cleaning up some things in his room and laid him down to watch his mobile but he let me know quickly he didn't want to do that. So, I propped him up in the corner of his crib and he smiled and coo'd the whole time. He'd go from watching me to watching his mobile. He loves to be able to look around!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ferociously Cute

Cody was 2 months old on Sunday the 19th and like his shirt says we think he is ferociously cute! I took these pictures of him when we got home from church. He was super smiley and happy! I'm going to take a pic of him each month next to this same bear to see how he's growing in comparison. I've seen other bloggers do this and I think it's a cute idea. So, here is his 2 month picture.It's amazing how fast time flies and how much we seem to love each phase of Cody's life and developement. He brings such joy to our lives and we enjoy everything about him.
Cody is just now starting to wear 3 month clothes. If it says 3-6 months it's still too big but if it says 3 months its a closer fit. 0-3 month outfits still fit him but he's definately outgrown newborn things. He's still in size 1 diaper. He drinks 4 ounces every 3 to 3 1/2 hours. He is sleeping about 4 to 5 hour stretches but we are going to start working on increasing that a little bit. :)
He weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces (50%-75%)
He is 23 inches long (70%)
Things about Cody during his 2nd month....
  • His nicknames are either "smiley", "buddy" or "little buddy".
  • He doesn't really like riding in the car unless someone is in the back seat keeping him company. So, we found a couple toys to attach to his carseat and that definately helped. He loves looking at the lights and colors on the toys and it definately distracts him.
  • He only likes taking the paci sometimes. Usually when he's really tired.
  • He loves to suck on his hand/fist/fingers. He doesn't get the whole thing in his mouth but usually makes a fist and brings it to his mouth and sucks.
  • I love that he'll stop crying completely if I pick him up. I can usually calm him down instantly (unless he's uncomfortable from gas).
  • He has the biggest blue eyes and is always so alert and watching the world around him.
  • He's started sleeping in his room! He still sleeps in the pack n play for a couple different reasons but will soon move to his bed.
  • He sleeps on his tummy and is so cute when he pulls his feet under him and sticks his bottom up. Sometimes he crosses his ankles as well.
  • We started giving him baths in the bathtub and he loves it! He has a little raft that he lays on and he will lay there and smile away while we are rinsing him. However, he doesn't like the cold air when we take him out.
  • He just started getting real tears in his eyes when he cries. They don't come all the time but when they do it's so sad to see. :)
  • He blows bubbles and smiles like he knows what he's doing.
  • He will stick his tongue out and copy us if we stick ours out.
  • He sneezes in two's and scrunches his whole face up.
  • He'll focus on the TV when it's on whether its muted or not. I think he likes the colors.
  • He plays on his play mat. He'll lay on his back looking up at the toy for a good 20-30 minutes and is so surprised when he is moving his arms or kicking his legs and touches one of the hanging toys.
  • He sits in his bumbo. He LOVES this! He likes to be able to look around. His neck is strong enough. However, after about 10 minutes he gets tired of holding his head up so we don't let him sit in it for too long.
  • He likes to watch the mobile while laying in his crib.
  • He comes into our bed in the morning and will smile and "talk" to us for a good 30 minutes. It's a fun way to start the day.

Friday, July 17, 2009


So, of course, I'm posting more Cody pictures! Since a lot of our family lives away from us it's fun to be able to show them pictures often! Cody turns 2 months old on Sunday! (He was 8 weeks last Tuesday) It's crazy how time flies and how much fun we are having with him. He's really predictable in what he needs when he's crying/fussing. We can often solve the problem and quickly have a happy boy again. He's really smiling, cooing, blowing bubbles and making life so fun! Here are a few pics from the last 2 weeks.
Every morning when Cody wakes up (anywhere between 5:30 and 7) he comes in bed with us and nurses and then just "plays", smiles and makes all kinds of sounds. He's definately a morning baby and it's fun to have this time with him....often making it hard for Jason to get up and get ready for work. This picture was taken during one of our morning "play times" in our bed. I love his cheeks. Some pictures they seem chubbier than others.

Every now and then he'll fall asleep while feeding (whether nursing or taking a bottle) and often it's on the boppy. I can set the boppy down and he'll keep sleeping. It's sooooo cute seeing him cuddled up sleeping with his head resting on the boppy.

Cody holds his head up really well so one day we decided to try sitting him in the bumbo! He loved it. The next three pictures are his first time in it and he's smiling at my mom. He had his eyes fixed on her the entire time and it was so cute at how excited he was to be sitting up! He loves to look around and watch things so this is perfect for him. After about 10 minutes or so his neck gets tired so we take him out but as he gets stronger he'll be able to enjoy it longer.
This "Roar" outfit is one of our favorites. We brought him home from the hospital in it and love him in it. Jason says "Roar" is lion's way of saying I love you so we saw this and had to get it! He can still wear it but won't be long until he out grows it. It's a newborn outfit. We liked it so much that I went and bought it again in a size that he'll be able to wear in the spring!
Cody LOVES bathtime! So much so that we have been bathing him almost every night. He loves the warm water and sitting in his seat. He just smiles up at whoever is giving him the bath. The sad thing is the happiness gets quickly interupted when we take him out and he gets least until we bundle him in the towel and dry him off. Then he loves when we put lotion on him and get him cozy in his jammies.
Cody loves to lay on this playmat and look at all the colors. He can't quite reach the toys yet but we hung one a little lower and every now and then he'll hit it with his hand and it's funny to watch his surprise.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We miss you Grandpa and Grandma

Jason's parent's live in Oregon but were able to come to Texas to meet Coday 3 days after he was born. We enjoyed having them over Memorial Day weekend and Cody enjoyed getting lots and lots of snuggles his first few days home! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you again soon! Love you!!
Cody and Grandma
Cody and Grandpa (Cody's namesake)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Absolutely Amazing

Tammy Labuda is a wonderfully talented photographer. Jason knows Tammy from when he taught at a private school while in seminary. She took some maternity pictures for us and insisted on coming over to take some pictures of Cody. I'm glad we took her up on her very generous offer. I haven't seen all that she took yet, but here's a glimpse into pictures that she put on her blog. I think she did an amazing job at capturing the many faces of our precious son! Thanks Tammy, we love the pictures!!! Go to Tammy's website and blog to see some of her incredible work!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snuggles with Daddy!

Jason is an amazing daddy! He knows how to tend to Cody's needs amd is so sweet snuggling with him or calming him down when he's upset. I never worry about what's happening at home when I am away. Jason is a natural dad and doesn't stress or get frustrated with Cody. I love how Cody looks at him and smiles or turns his eyes and head towards his voice. I love how excited Jason gets when Cody smiles or coo's at him. Jason prays every day for Cody and I am blessed to have him be the dad of our son. I'm excited to continue to watch the bond they have as Cody gets older!

Pawpaw and Mimi

Last weekend my mom and I went to "the Ranch". My grandparents live on a ranch out in Seymour, TX (about 3 hours from Dallas). Jason was out of town so my mom and I loaded up and took a road trip. We had a great time and enjoyed relaxing with them. Cody got to meet his extended family members as well. It was good to see everyone and fun to show off our son! Thanks for a great visit Mimi and Pawpaw....we love you!
My mom trying to get Cody to smile. Pawpaw, Mimi and Cody (6 weeks)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aunt Kristin Visits

My sister, Kristin, lives in Austin and came down meet Cody! She is self employed and works for another company as well so she stays very busy. We were excited to have her come spend the day and night with us. We went to go see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Dallas Summer Muscials with my mom and Caitlin (my brother's girlfriend). It was a fun night! Cody was in good hands with the Pascuzzi's. My sister was very helpful with Cody since Jason was out of town. I loved having her here and getting to spend time wtih her. I think there was an instant bond between Aunt Kristin and Cody. He loved sitting in her lap at dinner, having her give him bottles and she even let him take a nap on her the next morning. It was very sweet! Maybe he knows that Kristin is going to be giving him a cousin soon! :)
Happy in her lap at dinner
He's getting chubby cheeks! Trying to look and see who the pretty girl holding him is.
Aunt Kristin and Cody He was not happy here...bottle on it's way!
A sweet face for her as they were playing.
Loving the attention.
Snuggle time!