Friday, July 17, 2009


So, of course, I'm posting more Cody pictures! Since a lot of our family lives away from us it's fun to be able to show them pictures often! Cody turns 2 months old on Sunday! (He was 8 weeks last Tuesday) It's crazy how time flies and how much fun we are having with him. He's really predictable in what he needs when he's crying/fussing. We can often solve the problem and quickly have a happy boy again. He's really smiling, cooing, blowing bubbles and making life so fun! Here are a few pics from the last 2 weeks.
Every morning when Cody wakes up (anywhere between 5:30 and 7) he comes in bed with us and nurses and then just "plays", smiles and makes all kinds of sounds. He's definately a morning baby and it's fun to have this time with him....often making it hard for Jason to get up and get ready for work. This picture was taken during one of our morning "play times" in our bed. I love his cheeks. Some pictures they seem chubbier than others.

Every now and then he'll fall asleep while feeding (whether nursing or taking a bottle) and often it's on the boppy. I can set the boppy down and he'll keep sleeping. It's sooooo cute seeing him cuddled up sleeping with his head resting on the boppy.

Cody holds his head up really well so one day we decided to try sitting him in the bumbo! He loved it. The next three pictures are his first time in it and he's smiling at my mom. He had his eyes fixed on her the entire time and it was so cute at how excited he was to be sitting up! He loves to look around and watch things so this is perfect for him. After about 10 minutes or so his neck gets tired so we take him out but as he gets stronger he'll be able to enjoy it longer.
This "Roar" outfit is one of our favorites. We brought him home from the hospital in it and love him in it. Jason says "Roar" is lion's way of saying I love you so we saw this and had to get it! He can still wear it but won't be long until he out grows it. It's a newborn outfit. We liked it so much that I went and bought it again in a size that he'll be able to wear in the spring!
Cody LOVES bathtime! So much so that we have been bathing him almost every night. He loves the warm water and sitting in his seat. He just smiles up at whoever is giving him the bath. The sad thing is the happiness gets quickly interupted when we take him out and he gets least until we bundle him in the towel and dry him off. Then he loves when we put lotion on him and get him cozy in his jammies.
Cody loves to lay on this playmat and look at all the colors. He can't quite reach the toys yet but we hung one a little lower and every now and then he'll hit it with his hand and it's funny to watch his surprise.


  1. How sweet! Thanks for sharing pics Carley... Cody is such a cutie! I can't believe how big he is already!

  2. I'm such a bad friend! I learned a ton about Cody from your blog that I don't know in real life! He's precious!! Love the bumbo pictures!!

  3. I love looking at the pictures and I am so glad that you keep sharing them with those of us that live in Oregon because we really miss you guys.