Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is our smiley boy and and why he got that nickname!
And the dimple on his left cheek just adds to the smile!
I get this smile all day long...seriously. He'll be sucking on his paci or drinking his bottle and just smile out from under it. My whole world stops when he is smiling at me and I lock into him and soak it up. He got his shots yesterday and didn't feel good so he would whine and moan a little but then try and muster up this precious smile. It was really sweet. It melts my heart and I can't get enough. Jason gets this smile on cue too! I love how he'll look up and smile at Jason. He definately knows his mommy and daddy and we love it!! I can't wait until we start to get giggles with this smile. Jason had the nickname smiley when he worked at summer camp and Cody has inherited the same nickname....I just can't wait to see if he gets his daddy's laugh too! Everyone that meets him instantly says "its a little Jason". I love that he looks like his handsome daddy! I took this picture today while he was in his crib. I was cleaning up some things in his room and laid him down to watch his mobile but he let me know quickly he didn't want to do that. So, I propped him up in the corner of his crib and he smiled and coo'd the whole time. He'd go from watching me to watching his mobile. He loves to be able to look around!


  1. Cody is adorable! He reminds me of Trevor in that he looks like such a little man... even though he's still tiny!

    And yes, I do my headers and backgrounds using photoshop. I just learned how to do little things over time. It's super fun and a little addicting!

  2. Love him!! He is just precious--and such a good boy! No I'm not bitter about the good boy part, just a little envious. He will have a diva for a wife if they get married! Ha!

  3. As soon s I saw the post I said "It's a little Jason!!" hahaha I can't wait to se him on Sunday!!