Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aunt Kristin Visits

My sister, Kristin, lives in Austin and came down meet Cody! She is self employed and works for another company as well so she stays very busy. We were excited to have her come spend the day and night with us. We went to go see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Dallas Summer Muscials with my mom and Caitlin (my brother's girlfriend). It was a fun night! Cody was in good hands with the Pascuzzi's. My sister was very helpful with Cody since Jason was out of town. I loved having her here and getting to spend time wtih her. I think there was an instant bond between Aunt Kristin and Cody. He loved sitting in her lap at dinner, having her give him bottles and she even let him take a nap on her the next morning. It was very sweet! Maybe he knows that Kristin is going to be giving him a cousin soon! :)
Happy in her lap at dinner
He's getting chubby cheeks! Trying to look and see who the pretty girl holding him is.
Aunt Kristin and Cody He was not happy here...bottle on it's way!
A sweet face for her as they were playing.
Loving the attention.
Snuggle time!

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