Saturday, July 11, 2009

Absolutely Amazing

Tammy Labuda is a wonderfully talented photographer. Jason knows Tammy from when he taught at a private school while in seminary. She took some maternity pictures for us and insisted on coming over to take some pictures of Cody. I'm glad we took her up on her very generous offer. I haven't seen all that she took yet, but here's a glimpse into pictures that she put on her blog. I think she did an amazing job at capturing the many faces of our precious son! Thanks Tammy, we love the pictures!!! Go to Tammy's website and blog to see some of her incredible work!


  1. Carley they are beautiful!!! He is just Precious!! Looking forward to lunch if you can still do it tomorrow :) the pictures really are wonderful!

  2. I know it was a crazy time and Cody got all frustrated, but wow, the pictures are worth it. I'm so glad we got to visit!! Much love!!

  3. These are so great! What a sweet little man! I caught a glimpse of you and Cody from far away at church look FANTASTIC! Hope all is well!