Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Parker came to Dallas to celebrate Cody's birthday! These sweet boys are best of friends and have managed to make each others birthday celebrations each year. Parker is never without a super hero costume on! We had a blast spending the weekend with Kristin and Parker!

Cody's 5th Birthday Party at the Fire Station

Last year, for Cody's 4th birthday party he wanted a fire truck theme and we tried to book a party at the fire station. We found out you had to be turning 5 to have a party there. About 6 months before turning 5 we started talking about his birthday party and he still really wanted a party at the fire station...so we booked it! Cody was soooo excited!

The firemen host the party and the kids get to watch them put on all their gear and talk about fire safety.

Cousin Parker even got to come!

Climbing in the firetruck!
Looking inside an ambulance.
All his friends, except for two brothers were able to come and he was so happy!!
We served Chic-fil-a lunch before cake...
Since he had a fire truck cake for his 4th birthday he chose the dump truck cake this year!
The birthday boy while we sang Happy Birthday to him. He LOVED being the birthday boy and having all his friends with him. He is so sweet about friendships and it meant a lot to him to celebrate with his favorite friends.

And finally time to open presents! Cody was very excited that he had a little party favor gift for all his friends. He picked out a match box car for each friend and Minnie Mouse lip gloss for Kylie (the only girl at the party besides Karis). Matchbox cars are still his favorite things so that's really what he wanted to give to his friends. Cody is truly a thoughtful little boy and it made my heart happy watching him share with his friends.
Happy 5th Birthday to the sweetest, funniest, most thoughtful little (I mean big) boy we know! He is a delight to be a around and full of joy. He doesn't walk anywhere and always has a bounce in his step. He is polite and sensitive and we are blessed beyond measure at the gift of this precious son! We are so proud of him! What a fun birthday celebration with his friends!


A little messy lunch for the birthday girl!