Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July


May 19th

Cody's actual birthday fell on a Monday when we are all home! Jason and I both have Mondays off from work and we were excited to spend the day celebrating Cody. I know once he starts kindergarten in the fall the days of spending his whole "actual" birthday with him will be few and far between. So we made this day and #5 extra special. Karis had her 1 year well check at 8:30 am so I took her while Jason took Cody on a breakfast date to Whataburger. Cody LOVES the biscuits there and that's what he wanted. Then when we were all home and Karis was napping Cody got to open his presents.
We always give books at Christmas and Birthdays. 
Cody has a new and growing love for Legos. We tried to hold him off until he was 5 but he had started getting hand-me-down Legos from students in our youth group. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday he just said "Lego's".
He got a tow truck and a police set!
 Cody's absolute dream would be to get a motorized car but we let him know that wouldn't happen this year (mostly for cost reasons). However, my mom found this motorized go-cart and he LOVES it! We ride is all around the neighborhood and to the park and pool. It might not be an "actual" car/jeep but it's just as fun! His friends like to ride it too!
He had been asking us to go back to Legoland in Grapevine and so we surprised him the morning of his birthday and told him that we were taking him AND Josh was going with us. We had lunch in the food court and rode the merry-go-round.
The boys had so much fun together at Legoland!
 Watching the 4D movie.
 Then when we left Legoland they rode the mini train in the mall and then did this trampoline!
We had such a fun day celebrating Cody!! He is the sweetest boy and brings such joy to our lives! It was super fun spoiling him on his "actual" birthday...May 19th! I can't believe he is FIVE!