Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cody's first acting gig

Insight for Living (where I have worked for 12 years) features a video each month and for November they needed to borrow a few kids...and Cody was one of them!  I love it!

A few things from this video shoot...
  • After a few takes he said he wasn't thirsty anymore...but had to pretend he was.
  • He had to pretend the water fountain was too tall and that he couldn't reach.
  • He loved when he got to be silly with the other kids.
  • One of his favorite friends Hudson (the other blond) is in the video too and they had fun being goofy together
  • In between shooting he got to take breaks and play with all the tubs of toys used at the preschool...which featured rescue vehicles. He was a happy boy!
  • He could have cared less about the candy bribes.
  • He loved watching the final video!

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