Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shaving Daddy's Head

Cody is in the phase of wanting to do what we do and "helping". He'll wipe down his own highchair tray, hands or mouth, want what we are eating or drinking, put his toys in the basket, bring us "trash" or other things that are out of place, "help" fold the laundry and often just want to be where we are. I shave Jason's head every Saturday and it seems most of the time Cody is either asleep or in the bathtub while I do this. This particular Saturday he was just playing with his toys while watching me and getting impatient with what I was doing. I was thinking he just didn't like me doing it or the noise but then it turned out he wanted on the couch to be right where I was to watch. We then let him hold the smaller razor (it's lightweight and safe and not the one I was using) and he immediately put it to Jason's head to shave it. We got a big kick out of this and of course grabbed the camera to remember this funny moment. He is also learning the word "gentle" and I love his face as he's trying to be gentle....I'm sure Jason appreciated it too.

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