Friday, September 21, 2012

Up Close!

The neighbors 18 month old locked himself in a room and the fire department had to come pick the lock! So, since we knew everything was ok, we let Cody enjoy the firetruck!!
Although typical sensitive Cody heard us talking and knew the boy was locked in the room and was really concerned for him. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cody's New Friend

This is Grant!  He is 3 too! He is our new neighbor and Cody LOVES playing with him!! The boys recently went to Home Depot together with Jason and Anthony and made a project. So thankful for our new neighbors!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Cody Pictures

Cody still LOVES to help us no matter what we are doing.  In this picture he was helping pack up the Honduras mission team items. I think this picture was taken at 10 p.m. because he was so eager to help I couldn't get him to stay in bed!
We met Mary and her kids at Guitar Center one day and Cody loves all the instruments. 
We went to David's 6th lego-construction birthday party and he had a blast!
Pluto and Mickey...must haves when resting or sleeping!

Rec Center Fun

We got a family membership to the rec center for the summer to take advantage of the water park! We did this last year too but this summer Cody ventured out more and has enjoyed the lazy river, "big" pool, and water slides.
Cody always enjoys it more when we go with friends so one day we took David with us and the 3 of us had a great time together! David is 6 and one of Cody's favorite friends! We will miss not getting to play with David as much since he is starting Kindergarten but afternoon trips to the park will me a must!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alaska Cruise 2012

So, while Cody was visiting his grandparents in Oregon we set sail for Alaska! This is our annual trip for work and we always look forward to it each year.  
Jason is in graduate school and had a lot of work to do while we were on this least he had a good view and cool weather to enjoy while he was reading and writing.
Our first lunch aboard the ship with my co-workers.
We took a float plane ride out to Taku Lodge while we were in Juneau.
My friend Debbie's son, Trevor, riding in the cockpit.
Brad and Debbie taking in the view.
Debbie was my first supervisor when I started my job 10 years ago.  She is now a stay-at-home mom and wife but we have always kept in touch and I love her dearly. 
View from the float plane.
These glaciers are amazing!
We fly out to this little lodge and they make lunch for us. The meal is so good we finally bought the cookbook one year and have enjoyed making the dishes at home.
The main dish is an incredible salmon caught in the river and grilled fresh. It is by far the most delicious salmon I have ever eaten!
Jeff Taylor and Buddy Greene providing a little entertainment during our lunch.
We always see black bears wondering around the lodge.
They like to lick the grill after the salmon has cooked.
Our ship: the Westerdam
Glacier Bay 

A few of my favorite co-workers enjoying the glaciers. This was the only relaxing afternoon we had and we took advantage of it!
Terri, Me, Dusty, Rachael and Deedee
This was our view!
We had a 4th of July family blow-out party. Jason and Dave were team captains for the "tea party" team!
We were the judges!
Every night our cabin steward would make towel animals.
Working the bookstore!
Formal Night
Enjoying lunch on the lido deck. It was great because when Jason had to do school work, I just hung out with the girls!
Shopping in Juneau
Shopping in Sitka on the 4th of July.
Me and Terri! Jason always tells me "everyone needs a Terri in their life". She is a one-of-a-kind friend and she keeps me laughing!
In Sitka we have to be tendered over in the life boats.
An Eagle in Ketchican.
We explored a new spot in Ketchican this year called Creek Street.  The history and stories behind these buildings and shops were fascinating. We really enjoyed this walk!
Our evening entertainment: Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor playing the harmonica's. Two of the most talented people we have traveled with. Buddy (on the right) wrote the music to the Christmas song "Mary did you know?" and is a famous harmonica player. 
David Gaschen played the Phantom on Broadway for many years and is an incredible singer and performer. 
David Pendleton travels with us and is a talented and hilarious ventriloquist.
My traveling buddy for the week!  We had a great week together!