Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cody's Learning to Crawl!

Cody knows how to get in the "crawling position" and rock back and forth really well. However, he hasn't figured out how to move his arms to make himself go forward. So, when he gets tired of hanging out on all 4's and not going anywhere he goes flat on his belly and scoots backwards....or rolls and rolls and rolls wherever he wants to go. It's funny to see him go from sitting to "all 4's" like he is ready to take off but then doens't know what to do from there. We practice everyday! He's almost there....and we can see in his eyes how much he wants to crawl and how excited he gets when gets to this position.


  1. Yaaaayyyyyyy Cody! He totally looks like you in this picture. He will be all over the place, (climbing the stairs, etc.) in days!!! We love you Cody keep it up!! See you tomorrow :)

  2. I like your background a lot-forgot to tell you that. Very cute and Springy!