Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prince Debut #2

Cody, Ty, Charlie and Joy were all in a wedding together. This was Cody and Charlie's 2nd wedding to be in and all the kids did great! Here they are lined up at the rehearsal.
The wedding was at our church in Frisco but Cody and I joined Mary and her kids in a hotel and we played Friday and Saturday! We got 2 suites with a door in the middle and had a lot of room for all of us. We enjoyed swimming in the hotel pool and just hanging out together. Cody adores Mary and asks to see her everyday! I love this picture of them together!
Our little prince!
Cody and of Cody's favorite friends. He wants to be where Ty is and do what Ty is doing! They had fun climbing the stairs and running around the church together.
Charlie and Joy were beautiful flower girls!
The kids all know Mrs. Amanda from Sunday School.  She was there consistant teacher for a long time and she wanted them all in her wedding!
Mary and I were so proud at how well the kids did!
All lined up ready to go down the aisle! Mary stayed in the back with them and I was sitting in the aisle seat waiting for them to come.  They had to go up on stage with the bridemaids and groomsmen just until the father of the bride was done giving her away. Then we all quickly left the sanctuary...they had been so good but we didn't want to distrupt the ceremony with 4 silly kids! When Cody and Ty were walking down the aisle Cody stopped when he saw me and handed me his pillow...not sure why he didn't want it but it helped his hands be free so he could cover his ears while the organ played!
What a fun weekend we had spending time with some of our favorite people!

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