Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Cody has never liked getting dressed up or costumes.  He loves to look at other kids but is not interested in it himself.  He has a fascination with policemen and loves to watch them direct traffic.  So one day I asked him if he wanted to try and be a policeman for Halloween. He was excited and talked about it ever since.  I thought maybe if I found a costume that was easy and he could wear normal clothes he would do it.  NOPE...this picture was taken just before going to the fall festival at our church and we didn't make it inside the church before the jacket came off.  He does like the hat and the accessories but no interest in wearing the costume as a whole outfit.  Oh well....he is still super cute when he puts his hands out to direct traffic and copy the policemen.
 We spent our time at the fall festival with his buddy Grayson (and Hudson and Jackson).  I thought for sure since Grayson was a policemen too he would change his mind.  Nope...but he did enjoy hanging out with the boys and Miss Sarah!
So, I asked him if he wanted to go trick or treating and he said "no, mom, I just want to stay home and give candy to the kids that come to our house."  Getting dressed up for candy (which he isn't that interested in) just isn't his thing!

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