Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmastime Fun

 We went to "Merry Main Street" and watched them light the Christmas tree and see fireworks.  I think our whole city was there. It was very crowded but a fun way to start off the season.  We went with our friends, the Balls, and our new neighbors, the Applegates! After the fireworks we split up into families and did our own thing because it was too crowded to stay together as a large group.  We found the fire truck and Cody was able to go inside it and put on the hat! He was so excited!
 We continued our yearly tradition of going to Northpark mall and enjoying the decorations there but mostly we went to see the train exhibit! This was the first year he enjoyed watching Scrooge and laugh with the other kids. I remember watching Scrooge as a little girl!
 The trains at Northpark are so much fun to watch! He was beside himself with excitement and not too happy I kept making him smile for pictures.
 His little preschool class put on a musical. Of course, they were adorable!
 At the very beginning of the season we pulled out this singing santa. It was the first decoration we got out because he started begging for one in the stores forgetting we already had one. It's loud but he loves it!

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