Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2011 - 2012 Preschool

Cody absolutely LOVED his first year of preschool at our church! Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Shannon were great and he looked forward to school days. I feel bad for him now because I am having to remind him, every morning when he asks about school, that its summer time. He made some special friendships and on the drive to school would name each classmate by name and think who would sit by him at school or play with him on the playground.  His eyes skimmed the parking lot as we pulled in to see who he could walk in with.  He ran right into class with a big smile and never looked back. Its was such a blessing that he loved going and was filled with joy talking about school!
He learned his colors, letters, numbers and shapes. Countless songs and Bible verses and stories.  He learned how to share, how to sit still during "circle time", how to try new foods, and the excitement of a birthday. He learned manners and teamwork. He enjoyed crafts and centers and role play. He learned to trust his teachers and we are so grateful that they loved and cared for our son 10 hours a week in an environment that was safe and educational for him!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Three!  Our boy is 3! He is full of joy and bring so much laughter into our lives! We love you buddy!
I love that he is holding his "ticket" to ride the "train" (mommy's car)!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cody Happenings

He loves his new swimming pool and it was his idea to put the slide in it! He is so cute and finds different ways to slide down.  If he is on his back, head first, he will hold his nose. He enjoys the water!
His eyes lit up when he saw this tractor!  It was tied down but still powered up so he could go back and forth a few feet! He said "Look mom, I'm driving!"
Cody got invited to Spencer's birthday party...his first little party for a preschool friend outside our circle of friends.  He was totally in to it! The only part he didn't understand was that the presents weren't for him.
We went to check out the new Braum's in our city and there was construction in the lot next to it. He was fascinated by watching the bulldozer's and tractors do their work! I think he liked it better than getting ice cream at Braums!
Its very rare he will fall asleep watching tv but so sweet when he does!
Lounging with his new pluto! He recently got his molars and spent most of the weekend in pain and laying around like this while we kept careful care to not let the motrin wear off and manage the pain
If Jason is working out in the garage Cody is right beside him copying his every move. He asks everyday "daddy? you do your excercises?" He even has his towel, stool, water with a straw, pen and paper and equipment just like daddy.
After we got back from our trip to Israel we took Cody to the Grapevine Sea Aquarium.  We were gone for 2 weeks and wanted to do something special for him and needed out of the house since we were struggling with jetlag.  We had a fun afternoon together!
Going through the car wash! He loves to sit up with us and watch the water and soap spray.  He narrates the whole time!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Cute Boys

Hudson and Cody love to play together!  After preschool, we visited with Mrs. Kathy C. in the church offices and then headed to Chic-fil-a (along with another friend Meaghan and her 2 boys) to play! Hudson is 9 months older than Cody and I love to get wisdom/advice from Katie as she is one step ahead of me in raising a boy!  Looking forward to lots of play time this summer!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fun at Mary's House

Cody and I went to Waxahachie to spend the day with Mary and her kids!  They went from playing in the pool, to lunch and cupcakes for Joy's 3rd birthday, to playing inside, to riding bikes in the driveway and then to enjoying popsicles right before another swim. The water was too cold for me but Mary was sweet and let all 4 kids jump in to her! It's no wonder Cody fell asleep 3 minutes after we left her house!  Fun day!