Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2011 - 2012 Preschool

Cody absolutely LOVED his first year of preschool at our church! Mrs. Carey and Mrs. Shannon were great and he looked forward to school days. I feel bad for him now because I am having to remind him, every morning when he asks about school, that its summer time. He made some special friendships and on the drive to school would name each classmate by name and think who would sit by him at school or play with him on the playground.  His eyes skimmed the parking lot as we pulled in to see who he could walk in with.  He ran right into class with a big smile and never looked back. Its was such a blessing that he loved going and was filled with joy talking about school!
He learned his colors, letters, numbers and shapes. Countless songs and Bible verses and stories.  He learned how to share, how to sit still during "circle time", how to try new foods, and the excitement of a birthday. He learned manners and teamwork. He enjoyed crafts and centers and role play. He learned to trust his teachers and we are so grateful that they loved and cared for our son 10 hours a week in an environment that was safe and educational for him!

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