Monday, June 4, 2012

Cody's Thomas the Train Party

Cody's 3rd birthday party was a Thomas the Train theme! He had been talking about this for weeks and was excited about his birthday and party. 
Sarah (Cody's 1st "nanny" but more importantly one of his favorite people) made his cake! Isn't it cute!
Jason's parents came to Texas for Cody's birthday and took him to Toys R Us to pick out his presents. This was his big gift from them! Grandpa worked hard to put it together the night before to have it ready for Cody when he woke up on his birthday!
We invited a few of our close friends and just hung out and let the kids play! The craziness was so fun and there were smiles and squeals all morning!
We had pizza and chips for lunch.
The Birthday Boy!!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Cody and Sarah
Cake Time!
Ta-Da!  He was definately excited about his present!
Karen and Sophie stayed for a while after the party and visited. Cody LOVED playing with Sophie and learning how all his new toys worked.
My mom gave Cody a great play kitchen and tool bench. Jason worked hard to get them put together.
And of course, he had a helper who used his little toy tools.
The next day I went in the kitchen to find Cody enjoying his cake again!
Playing with his new garbage truck.
He loves his new truck..."just like Daddy's"!
Happy Birthday to our favorite THREE year old little buddy!!!


  1. Ahh such a handsome boy!!! Glad he liked his cake :)

  2. Loved his party! We all love Cody so much and we are so thankful we are his friend!