Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sarah and Andrew's Wedding Day!

Andrew and Sarah are married!  Cody was so excited to be a prince in their wedding and we were so proud with how well he did in his important role!
Mary and I had fun with our prince and princess! Cody loved getting to hold Charlie's hand and walk down the aisle! They definately were not a flower girl or a ring bearer but a prince and princess! And they both did great at their important role! Mary and I made a run to the Disney Store yesterday to get a special surprise for them if they did their jobs and to have a little something new to play with during the day! They loved their surprises!
After Cody got dressed he ran out to show daddy his prince attire! He was so excited to be dressed like daddy and Andrew! Jason gave a message during the ceremony so both my guys played a special part in wedding.
Cody and his beloved Sarah! He kept calling her a princess!
Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom
Mary took this picture just before they walked down the aisle!
The wedding party.
Our little family. Cody was definately done posing for pictures at this point.
Cody was begging for cake and we did everything to keep him distracted until he could have a piece. He just didn't understand having to wait. I was so thankful my mom came to the wedding to and helped with Cody so Jason and I could enjoy ourselves and not be distracted by Cody...especially during the ceremony.  She even treated him to a surprise since he was so good all day! He loves his new semi-truck from Braums (something he has been wanting)!
She got snuggles so I'm sure she didn't mind!
Finally time to cut the cake!
Cody watching them cut the cake! He was so good at the reception and would watch Sarah and Andrew everywhere they went.
He even toasted them and enjoyed the sparkling cider.
Sarah and Andrew thanking Jason for being a part of their day. We love these two so much and so does Cody! The are special to our family.
My hubby and my mom!
Sweet Sarah! She is definately an extention of our family and now so is Andrew!
Cody loves Sarah's sister, Valery!
Becca and Cody waiting to say bye to Sarah and Andrew.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Journey!

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