Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break Zoo Day

We met Jennie and Mary and their kids at the Dallas Zoo one day during spring break! Cody was so excited and woke up with an even extra bounce to his step.  I don't know if he was more excited about the zoo or seeing his friends. I know I was looking forward to spending the day visiting with Jennie and Mary!
The very first thing Cody did was get on the carousel next to Charlie.  He was so proud that he got to ride it without me next to him.
Looking at the penguins
We tried to get them to all sit on the rock at the same time but it proved to be an impossible task. These kids have grown up together and up until the last year when Mary moved and Ty and David started kindergarten they saw each other a couple times a week at least! Their momma's are special to me too!
Just like his Daddy, Cody loves maps. He will often draw us a map at home when we are about to go somewhere so we know where to go.
David and Josh or as Cody refers to them as "his best friends" got into the map thing too!
If there is a place to climb...he will find it!
We stopped for lunch in the children's area and they had fun running around and playing in the water.
Happy boy with a change of dry clothes!
They kids all wanted to ride the monorail so we endured the 45 minute wait! Here's the only picture with all 7 kids in it and of course they are sitting down because Mary was distributing cotton candy!
I always say Mary was Cody's first crush! He has loved her from day one of his life. :) He wanted to see over the side of this wall and I couldn't lift him up for long (being pregnant) so Mary came to his rescue to show him the train down on the tracks. Then he just wanted her to hold him.
Riding the Monorail...it was worth the wait!
Cody was so excited to get to sit with Ty and David!
Stopping for a snack!
His souvenir that I let him pick out.  Of all things he wanted a stuffed snake!
We had a fun day being together despite the crowds! And surprised ourselves at how long we stayed and how happy the kids were. So good to all be together again!

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