Sunday, May 19, 2013

He's 4

 Happy Birthday to the sweetest little boy we know! Cody is Mr. Independent all the way and if he can't do something himself he will ask us to show him how and he practices till he gets it. He loves to help no matter what it the kitchen, with his tools inside or outside, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, getting gas or putting something together.  
Whatever it is we are doing, he wants to be a part of it.
He enjoys learning new things and is always noticing rhyming words, matching objects, colors, letters, numbers, shapes, or things that are alike.  He can recognize his name and know how to spell it. He is starting to ask what things spell. When we are driving in the car he loves to point out different types of cars, rescue vehicles, construction trucks and he likes to tell us when the light is red or green and when to turn left or right.
He almost always runs and rarely walks. He loves friends and being around other kids.  He loves to play at indoor/outdoor playgrounds and meet new kids.  He asks almost everyone if they will be his friend. He also gets his feelings hurt very easily and is very sensitive...especially if someone isn't nice to him while playing. He likes everyone and doesn't understand why some kids might not want to play with him.
He LOVES preschool, his teachers, his friends, playing in centers and all the things that he learns. He enjoys Bible stories and reading books. He loves church as much as he loves school and runs all the way to his classroom without ever looking back. He loves music and is almost always humming or singing. He enjoys running errands and being on "outings".  He is currently afraid of having a bad dream and asks us to pray every night for "no bad dreams".
He is still obsessed with anything that has wheels and loves matchbox cars the most! He usually has one or two in his hands at all times anywhere we go. He's interested in rescue vehicles and why they do what they do.  He currently wants to be a fireman when he grows up but sometimes it changes to police man. He is fascinated with garbage trucks.
He is a very tender hearted little boy who also has an independent subborn streak to him. He is usually quick to say he is sorry and doesn't like to disappoint. He loves spending time with us and being where we are and we love it having him right by our side too! He is adjusting wonderfully to his new role as a big brother and loves his baby sister, Karis! The past 4 years have been absolutely the best having Cody in our lives and the joy he brings to our family is contagious!

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