Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweet Kids

The sweetest boy ever! 
Cody loves playing with play-doh and made this salad for Jason.
We love taking walks to the park. There have been a few warmer days and we pull out the bike and enjoy being outside as much as possible.
There are two little parks and a big green space in our neighborhood...a fun destination for our walk. Cody calls this one the yellow park which is at the elemetary school he will go to next year (but we won't talk about that just yet...staying in denial as long as possible!)
Karis likes to play now too!
Little Miss Sister is crawling everywhere now!

And she has a very sweet brother who gets excited for her as she learns new things.
We are so proud of Cody and how loving he is towards his sister.
So thankful for our kids who keep us laughing and smiling every day!

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