Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Random Summer Fun Pics!

Jason got a new truck! We shared a car for 6 months and then entertained the kids at the car dealership 2 different times. Cody loved going on test drives and Karis practiced her walking around the waiting room. We are so thankful to be able to have a new truck!
 Cody's last day of preschool! Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Katy were amazing teachers and we were sad to say good-bye. We can't believe he is about to start Kindergarten.
Cody's "God is wild about us" preschool program.
 Right after preschool was over Jason and Cody took a road trip to California and went camping and attended a wedding. This pancake was huge!
 My mom helped my brother move to Austin and then road the train home. We picked her up during a rain storm but that didn't stop Cody's excitement for being so close to the trains! He was beyond excited and it was fun to watch him experience his love for trains up close and personal!
 Sweet baby girl started holding her own bottles.
 It will be a sad day when Cody outgrows this truck! He uses it for his own transportation around the house and even backs it up to park it just like his daddy. He got it from Jason's parents for his 3rd birthday and two years later he still plays with it all the time.
And Karis has discovered the car! But...she really wants to bug her brother and show interest in which ever one he is driving even though he would prefer it if she stuck with this one and left his truck alone.
Cody loves all things motorized and got this go-kart from his Bubbie for his 5th birthday! Its a fun with to ride around the neighborhood and he feels like he is "really" driving!
 So thankful that these two have each other! 
 Me and my sweet boy! 
 Me and my best friend!
 Our happy girl!
 Cody loves that he is old enough to do some of the youth events with Jason! This time he got to play lazer tag in the woods.
Cute boy with a summer hair cut!
 Karis absolutely LOVES to look at books and for us to read to her! She just doesn't always sit still enough to get through the whole book.
 Snuggles after swimming!
 This picture completely sums up Cody's love for matchbox cars! I found this lot of cars for $20 at a garage sale and got it for him. There were over 200 cars! He was so excited!
 They city where we live is raising money to build a train museum and has a large collection of trains to visit. One Saturdays in the summer they open the trains up for a tour and it was fun to go see the inside of them and climb around the tracks and trains.
 The city fire station also has monthly events at the fire safety town and getting to play in the replica fire truck and learn all about fire safety. 
 And Cody's dream come true at the fire safety town! He got to drive a motorized car. He would give anything to own one of these! 
 Showing off his fire station shirt!
 Karis enjoyed playing in the fire truck too.
 This picture makes me laugh. I turned around at the grocery store when I heard Cody say "hey mom, can we buy these?" The did not get to go home with us but I had to get a picture!
 Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit and took the kids to toys r us for their birthdays!
 We love getting to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa!
 Cody helping Jason pack for a trip!
 She loves to get hugs from her brother and crawls right into his lap when he is in this chair.
 Hot summer day at the park!
 Cute girl!
 One evening when Jason was out of town I asked Cody what he wanted for dinner. I meant at home but his response was "how about grilled cheese at sonic and we sit at the picnic tables"...ok little buddy...sounds like a great idea!
 After sonic we went to Home Depot and bought a new hose and sand for the sandbox!
 and then came home and played! Karis loved being sprayed.
 Swinging by the train tracks. We have trains that pass through our city and it makes Cody's day to cross over them and even better if we actually see a train. This summer we would get chick-fil-a and go for a picnic near the tracks and play at the park and around the 1 train that isn't behind a fence and get snow cones and just wait for a train. We have so much fun doing this and anticipation of the train coming!
 This train had the #19 on it and Cody loves that because his birthday is May 19.
 We love finding new parks and this one did not disappoint! 
 Summer is always more fun with friends!
 Karis makes a dash for the pantry when the door is open!
 Cute! We sure love our sister!
 Cody loves getting to sleep in my room when Jason's out of town! And I love snuggling with him and watching shows on t.v. until its way past his bedtime! He has a little mattress on the floor next to the bed. His favorite thing to ask is "can I sleep on my mattress tonight?" How do you say no to this face? Love him so much!  

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