Wednesday, October 15, 2014


We ended our summer with a trip to Oregon to visit Jason's parents...aka: Grandpa and Grandma! Jason and Cody went 2 days earlier than me and Karis because I stayed behind for my grandfathers funeral.  Cody had fun helping Grandpa mow the grass and Grandma collect eggs from the chickens. They have a beautiful home and we always enjoy our retreat out to see them.
Cody had been asking to go camping again so we decided that it would be fun to take a couple days and drive to the coast and camp. We stayed in a camper trailer since Karis was still so little. Uncle Darrell and Aunt Darby joined us for our little camping trip and Cody enjoyed being entertained and spoiled by them.
Cody really enjoyed building a campfire each night and morning. Karis learned to say "hot" because we constantly reminded her that the fire was hot.
The Botanical Gardens were beautiful and Karis' had fun sniffing all the flowers. Cody loved running up and down the rows and rows of flowers.
We took some time to explore the tide pools at the coast and this was a highlight for Cody for sure! He had fun looking at all the different living things in the pools and collecting sea shells....and Jason enjoyed teaching him about all the different things he found! I am not sure who had more fun...Jason or Cody! This was something Jason really wanted to do and couldn't wait to show Cody the tide pools. We had so much fun exploring and climbing!
We enjoyed this little beach by our campsite. Cody loved to watch the waves come in and out!
He loved to see how close he could get to the waves and then run really fast back to the sand. It was fun to watch him and the excitement this brought.
Karis got to read books with Grandma. She enjoyed the sand at the tide pools and was entertained by Aunt Darby and Uncle Darrell so I could explore with Jason and Cody. She did get to play in the sand...we just didn't get any pictures.
Cody sure loves his Grandpa! This picture is a little blurry because the smoke from the campfire was in the way but I am glad I captured this sweet moment.
We always enjoy our trips to Oregon and making memories with our family there!

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