Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

Karis is in a phase where she won't cooperate for pictures! So, if I sit her down, she can't run away as easily.  I also needed Cody to hold her hand so she wouldn't suck her thumb. I wasn't sure how the pictures would turn out but I love them! These two adore each other!
 That dimple of his has melted my heart from day one!
 She refuses to look at the camera!
 And if she does look at the camera I can't get her to smile at the same time.
 BUT....I LOVE these where they are looking at each other!!
 He has decided this is his "church" outfit these days. I can't get him to wear a polo shirt but he loves button down shirts open with a t-shirt underneath. He feels handsome and so that's what he wears! It was fun taking him shopping and letting him choose what he wants.
 Easter was cold and rainy but we managed to do our yearly egg hunt with some of our favorite friends.  
 Karis' 2nd Easter!
 Kissing a bunny!
 I asked her to show me her dress and this is the pose I got!

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