Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our favorite summer activity....

During the summer, if we weren't on a trip or at work you could find us at the Rec Center! We all loved going and we went as often as we could! It was fun to go as a family or meet a group of friends....or just go and see who we would run into to. So much fun to have this place minutes from our house.
Cody was so excited he was tall enough to go on the new waterslide!
Karis had fun with all the water activities her size.
 I have a lot more water pictures of Karis because I never left her side....Cody, however, was off and playing with his friends most of the time.
 Karis LOVED going down her waterslide, too! 
 Sweet friends to play with! 
 This group of kids have been friends since birth! 
 We enjoyed playing in a pool with a diving board!

  And we squeezed one more swim in the neighborhood pool before it got to chilly!
Fun memories of summertime!!

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