Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Four Wonderful Years

On February 19, 2009 Jason and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!! Marriage just keeps getting better and better every year! I continue to fall in love with Jason daily! He keeps me laughing, is very sensitive to my needs, completely servant hearted and tells me numerous times a day how much he loves me...starting as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning until we drift to sleep at night. We seem to always have some funny saying or inside joke! Just for fun I decided to look back on pictures from our wedding day and thought I'd share a few with you!
Our Wedding Party!

Mr. and Mrs.
My handsome groom...complete with his Nike Hat and Oakleys! :
My Bridal Portrait
We try to do something special each year to celebrate our anniversary and this year we went on a big trip to Hawaii! Here's what we've done the other years with a few pics from each anniversary. 
Honeymoon: We went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and stayed in a little cabin surrounded by snow and the Grand Teton mountains....one of our favorite places!
1st Anniversary: We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Wellborn, Texas called 7F Lodge for a long weekend. We enjoyed hanging out in College Station and got to spend time with the Prochaska's. A very special family who adopted me as a student. I admire them very much and we still keep in touch!

2nd Anniversary: We stayed at the Westin Hotel at the Galleria in Dallas for a couple nights and enjoyed relaxing, shopping, eating out...but staying close to home.

3rd Anniversary: We went to Colorado to visit Jason's brother, Eric and his family for a weekend. They live in Brazil but were living in the states for a short time. This was my first time to meet my sister-in-law, Andrea and their twins, Lucca and Mayana, who were celebrating their 4th birthday that weekend. Jasons mom and step-dad met us there as well. Here we are with our niece and nephew:

4th Anniversary: We traveled to Hawaii (with me just entering my 3rd trimester) and stayed on the Big Island. We enjoyed relaxing, reading, going on drives, wonderful food, fresh fruit, site seeing, the resort pool, and whale watching. I'll post pictures from that trip soon!

And next year we'll have an 9 month old baby as we celebrate...crazy!!


  1. Yay!! My first look at your trip! I'm sure you have great pictures :) Happy Anniversary friend! Can you believe how fast it has gone? THANK YOU FOR MY GOODIES!!

  2. Welcome home! I'm glad you guys had a nice trip!

  3. How fun. I'm loving having another blogging friend! I can't wait to see more Hawaii pics. :)

  4. Carley, great pictures! It's fun to see your hair change through the years!