Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

We don't go all out celebrating Valentines Day because our wedding anniversary is February 19th! So, we tend to focus on that more! However, we do make dinner at home and enjoy a quiet Valentines day. Our very first Valentines day together (when we were dating), Jason made me dinner with homemade rolls. So, we make the same meal each year. However, this year Jason surprised me with a card...again, usually we just get anniversary cards. He saw this card and "had to get it" because there is a funny story behind the words on the card (although it might only be funny to a few of us). Two of our best friends, Sean and Mary got married 6 months after us and we enjoy spending time with them. One night after we were all married we were at their house. Sean and Jason were going to run an errand and Mary and I were staying at the house. When the guys were leaving Jason kissed me goodbye. Completely joking around I said "bye, I'll miss you" when he was only going to be gone for 30 minutes. Well, Sean and Mary picked up on that and have NEVER let us live it down. So for years the four of us have been saying to each other "love you, miss you" constantly! They like to tease us about how mushy we are but now we just exaggerate it to tease them back. :) So, here's a picture of the card....
The inside says "like crazy"! We now have a new line to our little saying...kiss you! :)


  1. Okay I would have bought that for y'all if I had seen it first!! Good job Jason finding such a PERFECT CARD FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP!! Oh and I've heard you both say that stuff when you don't know we are listening :)

  2. Ya, we say it's become such a joke. :) or when we do something cheesey Jason always says...I wonder what Sean and Mary would be saying right now. :)