Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Month

Cody was one month old on June 19th! We can't believe the time is going so fast. We love him so much and can't believe how fast he's growing. We are enjoying every bit of the newborn stage knowing that it will soon be over and not wanting to miss a thing! He's a good baby. We can predict his cries, tend to that need and he's soon peaceful again.
He just started wearing size one diapers. The newborn diapers were just starting to be too small but these are just a bit big.
He is just about to out grow his newborn clothes but 0-3 months are still a little big.
His one month stats:
9 pounds 12 ounces (50% to 75%)
22 inches long (75%)
Things we've learned about Cody during his first month!
*When we unswaddle him after a nap he is so cute stretching his arms and legs.
*He sleeps between 3 and 4 hours at night and goes right back to sleep after his feeding.
*He eats 3 ounces every 3 hours.
*He loves mornings and is his most awake and smiley first thing!
*He's started to make cooing sounds.
*He rolls his eyes towards his daddy's voice when he hears it.
*He takes great afternoon naps (on his belly when we can keep an eye on him)
*He gets swaddled at night and immediately relaxes when swaddled.
*He loves to have his hands right by his face. If he's eating intesely he will clench his fists.
*He likes his swing and will take long naps in it.
*He's started to grasp and will hold onto my shirt or the burp rag in anything close by that's soft.
*After his morning feeding I will take a shower and he'll sit in the bouncer and not fuss.
*He falls asleep when I turn on the blow dryer and will nap the whole time I'm getting ready.
*He can lift his neck (at least until he gets tired) and look around.
*He's sleeping in the cradle in our room.
*He is constantly moving his arms and legs and likes to be in motion.
*When he's hungry he will try to suck on anything desperately trying to get something to eat.
*When he's done eating he will smack his lips as if to say "all done, that was good".
*He has the cutest little sneezes.
*He does NOT like to have the slightest dirty diaper of any kind. He can be fussy and as soon as we lay him down to change him he smiles and his happy in a clean diaper.
*After his evening feedings he lays his head on my shoulder and falls asleep after a little snuggle.

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