Sunday, June 21, 2009

Uncle Clay came to visit!

My brother, Clay, lives in Austin and was finally able to make it to Dallas to visit his new nephew! Caitlin, his girlfriend, came with him. It was so good to see both of them! Cody had been slightly fussy just before Clay walked in the door and I was sad that the first meeting may contain a crying baby. However, I handed Cody to Clay anyway. Cody just looked up at him and smiled and immediately took to his Uncle Clay. It was such a precious moment! I don't remember much from the c-section but I do remember Jason saying that at first site Cody looked like his Uncle Clay. We love you Uncle Clay and can't wait to see you again soon! Clay giving Cody a bottle. I was surprised he actually wanted to do it. I am glad because it was so sweet to watch them together. So sweet to watch them look at each other.
Cody, Clay and Caitlin
One of the smiles that Clay got from Cody! The first meeting!


  1. Yay for uncle Clay! He looks really sweet with Cody. i love the pic of Cody smiling :)

  2. Those are so sweet! Caitlin is SO beautiful.