Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We had a very relaxing Easter and had no agenda or plans. On Sunday after church, my mom came over and we all met up with our friends, the Ball's, and had a little Easter egg hung with our kids. Cody was interested in opening the eggs and eating the jelly beans inside but definately enjoyed running around with his friends more than the hunt itself.

Funny story: I had no intention at all (it hadn't even croseed my mind) to take Cody to see the Easter Bunny. However, Jason was out of town one weekend attending a college graduation and Cody and I went to the mall early (before the mall opened: the play area is not crowded and still clean!) to play and eat lunch. The bunny is set up right outside the play area and they walked him in and Cody's eyes got so big and he was so excited. He kept saying "nunny, nunny, nunny". I walked him over and we watched the bunny take his seat and Cody said (and signed) "see nunny" and "please" very excitedly. We were the second people in line and he waited patiently and ran over and climbed right up into the bunny's lap. The lady said she would take a picture but we didn't have to buy it if we just wanted to "visit" the bunny. But, I thought the picture turned out sweet and it was such a funny memory with Cody I bought it. We visited the bunny two more times before leaving the mall. He has pointed out every bunny he's seen since....even the ones hopping around the neighborhood.

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  1. Such a sweet picture! That will be a sweet memory for you, too! Sounds like a perfect Easter!