Monday, April 4, 2011

Cody and Parker

Kristin and Parker (my sister and nephew) came to visit last week! Cody (22 mo.) and Parker (15 mo.) are exactly 7 months apart and it was so much fun watching them play together. They are finally old enough to have fun together and Cody mentions Parker daily. Here they are greeting each other with a kiss. Isn't he adorable! Parker is such a sweet little boy and in a really funny stage that kept us laughing. He will snuggle in for a hug everytime he is picked up and has the cutest little voice. Bubbie came to play with her grandson's and even brought them lawnmowers that were a big hit! Getting them to pose together was impossible! Cody loved having someone to play with in the backyard. Aunt Krisitn playing with the boys! I love this picture of my sister....she's so beautiful! It didn't take Cody long to want to take the lawnmower outside....where it belongs. Parker loved riding around in Cody's car. Mac and Cheese to complete the day! We sure wish they lived closer but love any time we get with them. So fun to have boys together!

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  1. Oh man I can tell Cody is loving his lawnmower! And Ty and David sure liked it too--Parker is adorable! The boys do look alike a little bit, especially that light hair!