Tuesday, March 29, 2011

21 Months

Since getting Cody to sit still is impossible these days. We decided to take him to the park and get some candid pictures of him. I love his profile. I have a sonogram picture of him that shows it perfectly and love when we capture it in a picture! He is contantly using his hand to say "where is ______?" or puts it next to his ear as he says "here that?" Cody has NO FEAR! He loves slides and isn't afraid to go down by himself no matter how tall. And of course, wants to try and climb back up. Cody has learned how to climb this wall. The only problem is when he's at the top he turns around and jumps off assuming someone is there to catch him. So we have to be on guard at certain high place and are trying to teach him to count before he jumps to give us a heads up. He does this on our stair case at home too. Seriously, no fear. Here he is ready to jump. He loves standing on this pole that spins around....he's learned this by watching the "big kids" and copying them. We should have known trying to make Cody pose for a picture while at the park wouldn't work. He did not want to be stopped. And we often get this when we try and hold him and he wants down. Such a big boy! He runs non-stop the minute we get out of the car at the park and plays hard. It's always hard to tell him it is time to go because he's never ready to leave. He loves being outside!

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  1. AWWWW these really capture his true spirit! Happy, moving, happy, moving :) I love him! Big boy!