Friday, March 25, 2011

Cody's opnion on what to wear!

Cars are still Cody's favorite thing in life! He cracks me up at how excited he gets when there's a car/train/truck/tractor/bulldozer on his shirt. Sometimes he actually will thumb through his shirts in his closet and pick what he likes or say "yes" or "no" if I hold one up. It's too funny! If I'm folding laundry and he sees something that is his he will say "Cody" and ask to put it of course, it's too cute not to give in even if it means more laundry. I thought this shirt was exceptionally cute and he was excited about it!'s rare I can get him to wear a hat anymore but this day he must have forgot I put it on him. And while I'm at it I should mention how picky he is about which shoes to wear. He only has one pair he likes and I haven't figured out why. The good news it's his stride rite (read: most pricey) pair so he's getting good use of them. He has super wide feet and I think they are the most comfortable. And forget crocs or sandles....he likes socks. He almost always has one or two matchbox cars in his hands at all times.

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  1. I can attest to the fact that the boy always has at least one car in hand! A true little boy--and I love all of his hats! That is a very cute shirt ;)
    Oh, and I LOVE the Happy Everything plate! So cute