Monday, June 20, 2011

2nd Birthday Celebration

We just had a relaxed casual celebration for Cody's 2nd Birthday.  Cody and I met Mary and her kids for lunch at the mall and then Jason came home from work early and we spent the afternoon just the 3 of us. Later in the afternoon, my mom and one of our students, Richard, came over to have pizza and cake.  Cody definately learned the word "surprise" this day and has been saying it ever since.  We had a little cars theme set up for the day since cars is Cody's favorite thing right now!

Our sweet, happy 2 year old who definately knew this day was all about him!
It is impossible to get a picture with Cody...who refuses to sit this is the best I got with our birthday boy!
Cody loved having Richard there.  He really likes when the students come over and immediately starts showing off for them.  Richard also brought Cody a monster truck!

Cody opened presents before we did cake which meant that he was not interested in stopping for cake. So, we gathered around where he was playing and sang him happy birthday while Jason held his candle. Then we all ate cake while he played. So typical of our boy that is not interested food.

Pizza for dinner!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Cody!!  We love you!

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  1. :'( I'm going to miss this little boy more than I thought i could. Got all teary eyed reading through these last few posts. I need that picture of him that was right under the balloon picture. Precious. Oh and I need some new pictures with him also. Need to have that baby on my wall at A&M for sure!!! Love him to pieces!!!