Friday, June 24, 2011

"I'm a big kid now"

Cody has picked up on the Toys R US slogan "I'm a big kid now" and when he hears it on a commercial he repeats it.  It's too cute!  We love doing big kid things with Cody!

Cody goes to a Home Depot kids workshop with Jason once a month.  Jason's friends, Sean and Jonathan, go with their boys too and the last time they took the kids to In and Out afterwards.  It's a father/son play date! Ha! Jason took these with his Cody is placing a nail in the hole.
Using a hammer!

Learning to sit at the table!  We have a higher kitchen table and the booster helps! He knows this is his big boy seat! He had two drinks for this dinner!
Reading instruction manuels. This was so funny.  I was putting together his (new) sandbox (that has a lid!) and he kept copying me looking at the directions.

He's in to bringing us our shoes and trying to put them on! 

Grandpa and Grandma sent Cody this shirt for his birthday. People stop us when they see it and asked where we got it but they had it made. I keep my nativity up all year on the piano and he knows not to touch it....I guess he thought since he had the shirt on he could get away with it!

Playing in the cars at Toys R Us!

Swinging on a big kid swing!

Getting to get ice cream from the ice cream truck!

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