Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lizzie's Mickey/Minnie Mouse Party

This is Cody's friend, Lizzie! She is one of the sweetest little girls we know! Cody went to a party for her and all the kids got to dress up like Mickey or Minnie! It was so cute and he had so much fun! Lizzie's mom and dad (David and Jamie) are good friends of ours and partner in ministry with us.
He wouldn't leave on his Mickey ears and the costume was a little small for him but he had fun and was cute running around as a little Mickey.
Hudson was adorable in his Mickey costume! A princess chair just the right size for a little Mickey Mouse!  I think they all took turns sitting here.
Becca made a precious Minnie Mouse! She is Lizzie's sister and a sweet girl as well.
The whole room was decorated in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and Cody did his happy dance and ran around everywhere.  He chased Hudson in and out of this tent.
All the little Mickey and Minnie's.
Paije was one of our former students and is in college now.  She works at this party place and helped arrange a special party for Lizzie.  Cody was so intent on getting a Mickey tatoo and waited patiently while she put it on his hand.
They all got to jump in a bounce house and then had other games to play.  Cody was the youngest kid there by 9 months but did well following what the others did and waiting in line for his turn. He did mess the obstacle course up a little bit which gave us all a good laugh.
They played music and danced until it stopped and then had to freeze.  He was so funny and intent on dancing with this sweet little girl.  He really wanted to hold her hands and she had this cute grin on her face the whole time. 
A tired Mickey after the dance party!
Hudson was quite the hit on the dance floor and showed off all his fancy moves...which were quite impressive! He kept us all laughing!
And a Mickey costume is not complete without gloves and a wand!
We had such a fun time at Lizzie's party and were glad we got to go and show her how much we love her!


  1. That picture of Hudson laying on the floor cracks me up! What a little ham he is! We need to get the boys together soon... they always have a great time together. :)

  2. Ah! He is such a cutie! He makes a handsome Mickey :) Next time I come over I'll wear my Tigger ears and bring Cody Valery's Pooh ears to wear! We got them on a Disneyland trip when we were little :) I miss Cody! Hugs and kisses!