Friday, September 23, 2011

Rec Center Water Park

We joined the rec center for the summer to be able to go and use the pool and water park.  Cody didn't seem to enjoy the swimming pool this summer but he loved the kid area and water slide. I think he liked the freedom of being in control and not having to be helped in the "big" pool.  He wasn't afraid to go down the slides and by the middle of the summer I was more confident letting me go by himself if it wasn't crowded.  We went several times as a family, a couple times just me and Cody and many times with Mary and her kids (with a trip to Cici's pizza for dinner afterwards).  What a fun summer place to go!
Here he is greeting Ty! He gets excited when he passes Ty in the water.
Ready, set, go! He loved this water slide and always had a big smile the whole way!

Charlie was Cody's favorite at the water park.  She will do the slides with him and follow him around...which always makes his day.  Every time we drive by the rec he says "play with Charlie, put on bathing suit".  They have fun together and she looks out for him.
He masters climbing this rope the first day we were there! Again, Cody and Charlie are never too far apart.
Sweet Joy! She likes to stick close to Mary or have snacks on the side but will casually wander around in the water or find a spot to play in.

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  1. I read this a few days ago but my phone wouldn't let me post comments. I love all of your pics of my little buddy! He loves the water, that boy. I think he's the happiest kid out of all of them when we are around or in water. Love him!